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In the future, I will adding Beers tasted by the BABC and the members comments. But for now, go ahead a read a Beer Rating sites entries and see what you can get from the internet.



Style- Belgian Strong Ale

Evaluation - Small off-white head. Copper/light brown colour. estery/phenolic yeast character. Subtle hop aroma and flavour. Dark candi sugar? Fairly sweet. Some alcohol flavour.

Comments: Quite complex, very nice.

Rating**** (as Belgian Strong Ale),


Brij De Smedt - Affligem Dubbel

Style - Dubbel

Label: 7% abv, bottle conditioned. Evaluation

Large white head. Medium brown colour. Distinct yeast character. Coriander? Dark malt flavour. Low to medium bitterness. Fairly sweet. Comments

Very nice overall, quite complex. Rating

*** (as a belgian Dubbel), **** (subjective)

De Koninck

Style: Belgian Ale

Label: top fermented, Saaz hops, 5% abv. Evaluation

Medium size white head. Light to medium brown colour. Distinct hop aroma and flavour. Some "Belgian" yeast character. Medium bitterness. Some caramelly malt character.

Comments: Well balanced and very nice, but could perhaps stand out a bit more. Rating

***->**** (subjective)


De Gouden Boom - Brugse Tripel

Style: Tripel

Label: 9% abv, bottle conditioned. Varunytt: Pilsner malt, Brewer's Gold, Challenger, and Goldings hops. Evaluation

Large white head. Somewhat cloudy light brown colour. Spicy aroma and flavour, hops + coriander? Low to medium bitterness. Fairly sweet.

Comments- Quite nice.

Rating ****(subjective)

Kasteel (95) - Dubbel

Style - Dubbel

Label: top fermented, bottle conditioned? (should be if I understood the label right, but I didn't notice any yeast), 11% abv. Me: tasted in July 1995. Evaluation

Almost no head. Dark brown colour. Distinct estery/phenolic yeast character (same as in Brigand?). Fairly malty. Dark candi sugar? Some alcoholic bite. Fairly high bitterness.

Comments - Tough one, in one way I love it, in another it doesn't really create a real Dubbel

. Rating *** (subjective)

Liefmans - Goudenband

Style - Oud Bruin

Label: 8% abv. Evaluation

Smallish off-white head. Medium to dark brown colour. Sour and caramel aroma and flavour. Some alcoholic flavour? Low bitterness.

Comments: Nice and unusual, but perhaps a bit one dimensional.

Rating**** (subjective)

Riva - Dentergems Wit

Style - Witbier

Label: 5% abv. Evaluation

Very large white head. Cloudy pale yellow colour. Distinct coriander aroma and flavour. Wheaty flavour. Distinct, but mild, sourness. Low bitterness.

Comments - Nice refreshing, yet characterful beer, but lacks something extra. Rating

***->**** (as Witbier)

Thomas Hardy's Ale (95)

Style - Barley Wine

Label: 12% abv. Me: tasted November 95. Evaluation

Small white head. Light brown colour. Largy malty aroma and flavour. Hop aroma and flavour? Alcoholic flavour. High sweetness. High bitterness that doesn't really balance the sweetness.

Comments; As is, too syrupy sweet to my taste, but this beer is said to need more ageing. It does show promise.

Rating*** (subjective)


Fuller's ESB

Style - ESB

Label: 5.9% abv. Evaluation

Big white head. Copper/light brown colour. Distinct hop aroma. Medium high, somewhat sharp bitterness. Some crystal malt character.


Very nice overall, could perhaps stand out a bit more.


***-**** (as ESB)


1824 Particular

Style - Old Ale

Label: 6% abv. Varunytt: caramel malt, Target and Goldings hops. Evaluation

Large off-white head. Medium brown colour. Distinct british style hop aroma and flavour. Crystal malt flavour. Some sweetness. Medium bitterness. Comments

Very nice overall, but lacks some extra touch.


***->**** (subjective)

Wychwood - Hobgoblin

Style ?

Label: 5.5% abv, roasted malt.


Large white head. Light to medium brown colour. Distinct hop aroma and flavour. Small, but sharp, roastiness. Medium bitterness. Comments

I don't really like the sharp roastiness in this kind of beer, but otherwise it's OK.


** (subjective)

Young's Oatmeal Stout


Oatmeal Stout

Label: 5.0% abv, ext. sec. pri 13%.


Fairly large brownish head. Opaque black colour. Fairly big, but mellow, roasty aroma and flavour. Medium bitterness. Some sweetness. Fairly high body. Comments

Very nice, roasty-yet-mellow.

Rating**** (as Oatmeal Stout), **** (subjective)


Young's Special London Ale

Style - Strong Ale

Label: 6.4% abv, Ext. sec. pri. 15% - 6.4° G.L. Varunytt: Goldings and Fuggles hops, dry hopped with Goldings.


Large white head. Light brown colour. Roasted malt aroma and flavour with some hoppiness intermixed. Fairly high bitterness.


A bit hard to make up my mind on this one. In a way not quite to my personal preference, but in another very good anyway.


***->**** (subjective)

Allagash White Beer

Our interpretation of a traditional Belgian Wheat Beer, Allagash White is unique and truly refreshing. Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and our own special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. Overall, it is a beer which is very drinkable and smooth any time of the year. ABV: 5.5%

Allagash Double Ale

A dark-amber, medium bodied Belgian Style Ale, Allagash Double is the perfect complement to the White. The combination of 7 different malts, a special sugar, and our Belgian yeast strain results in a beer with a complex, malty taste and remarkably clean finish. ABV: 7.6%

Allagash Grand Cru

We brew this special, deep-golden colored beer each year in limited quantities. It has a full, yet refined matly palate and a gentle fruit and spice aroma. Following our unique brewing process, we bottle this beer with a small amount of yeast, enabling it to continue to mature and soften in the bottle. Best served at cellar temperatures (45-55 degrees F) .



Allagash Tripel Reserve

Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV

Original Gravity: 1078

Recommended Cellaring Temperature: 55°F

Recommended Serving Temperature: 50°F to 60°F

This golden hued ale is marked by passion fruit and herbal notes in the aroma, with subtle suggestions of banana and honey surfacing from its deep and complex palate. The Tripel's finish is remarkably long and soothing.

Suggested Food Pairings: Serve as an aperitif with

crab cakes or an assertive cheese such as a Roquefort

or a Stilton. The Tripel is particularly delightful with asparagus. It is also the perfect accompaniment to a fruit dessert or wonderful on its own as a digestif.

750 ml bottle.



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