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Bay Area Brew Crew - Bylaws

1. We respectfully promote the Art & Science of Home Brewing.

2. We commonly share brewing techniques, philosophy, ideals, methods and recipes to each and every member, in a helpful, non-boastful manner.

3. Show respect to fellow members, brewers and artisans.

4. We take an active roll in club meetings, events and club related endeavors.

5. Educate the public, in a non-offensive way; The lore, history and embodiment of the craft of home brewing.

6. We all share the same common direction, goal and appearance of our club and it's endeavors.

7. All new BABC endeavors or events are voted on by members.

8. We all actively brew, evaluate and discuss our own beers and others.

9. We project a positive image of the BABC and of our fellow members.

10. We all share the desire to expand our brewing knowledge through education, evaluation, shared experience, lectures, hard work and the written word.

11. We are all active Home Brewers of Intermediate to Advanced knowledge and all learn from each other.

12. Members actively participate in meetings/events which includes Meeting Donations, and Inside or Outside competitions.

13. All council members accept their duties for one year.

14. Failure of a council-persons accepted duties will result in dismissal from club.

15. President and Vice President are voted in by annual election.

16. Any/all guests are the responsibility of the host member(s).

17. Offensive public drunkenness is grounds for dismissal from club.

18. Any infringement of these bylaws may result is dismissal from club, council has final vote. No refund of dues will be given for dismissal.

19. The Bay Area Brew Crew is not liable for any/all occurrences resulting in bodily injury, or the destruction personal or public property. As a member, you must show restraint and good judgment at all club related functions. Any BABC member who causes bodily injury, or the destruction of personal or public property will be held accountable for their own actions.

- Bay Area Brew Crew Council


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